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The Lady Irwin School Alumni Association (LISA) was founded in 2004, and had its first meeting in the month of August.
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ims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of the Association are:-

1. To contribute towards development of Lady Irwin School as a premiere Girls School and to encourage values of modern education and the ideals for which the School stands.

2. To work for the welfare of the past and present students and teachers of the school.

3. To work towards the goal of gender equality and empowerment of women/girls in its academic, social and cultural activities.

4. To pursue activities which would engender a sense of belonging, camaraderie and strengthen the bonds between the students and alumni and the School.

5. To help and organize activities for fund raising and to receive gifts and donations for infrastructural development and other activities of the school.

6. To contribute towards the building, maintenance and modernization of school infrastructure.

7. To institute scholarships and fellowships for needy and meritorious students.

8. To encourage such cultural, sports, scientific, literary and charitable activities which are in consonance with the education imparted in the School and useful for diffusion of knowledge.

9. To pursue such other activities as are approved by the General Body of the Association.
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