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Activities during 2008-2009


  • Interhouse English Poetry Recitation

  • Get Active T shirt contest

  • Play on Environment staged for Doordarshan, Bengal Association and Muktdhara Auditorium

  • Doordarshan aired a Rajasthani Folk Dance performed by students of Lady Irwin School

  • Students of our school participated in the Mondialogo contest. It is a contest with a difference, spreading over 7 months and over all time zones (all countries participated), organized by UNESCO and funded by Daimler Chrysler.


  • Interhouse Hindi Poetry Recitation Contest

  • Play on Environment was staged at Delhi Haat and Harcourt Butler School

  • Independence Day Programme

  • Cyber Olympiad Examination

  • Children of LIS participated in the Science Exhibition School level and Zonal level


  • Interactive talk by an old student Ms. Brinda Upadhyay on taking care of animals

  • National Talent Search Examination/Merit cum Means

  • Participated in My School Rocks at Airforce Auditorium

  • Hindi, English and Bengali Essay Competition at Bengali Senior Secondary School

  • Annual prize Giving in the Junior, Middle and Senior School.

  • Get Active Kho-Kho Competition

  • Children participated in Hindi Essay Writing Competition at Raghumal Arya School, New Delhi.

  • Science Olympiad Examination

  • Math Olympiad Examination


  • Annual Day a programme of dances and rhythmic. A Hindi Nukkar Natak was staged by the students.

  • Saraswati Puja

  • Story telling Session

  • Interaction with language teachers by Ms. Anupa Lal

  • Deya Roy an old student presented an interesting talk on how to work on science projects.

  • Examinations

Mondialogo Contest

Students of our school participated in the Mondialogo Contest. It is a contest with a difference, spreading over 7 months and over all time zones. All countries can participate and organized by UNESCO and funded by Daimler Chrysler.

Students are allowed to choose one amongst themselves as their leader a group limit of 30 members is given. They can choose from a wide range of topics mainly related with peace and cultural diversity.

Each team is paired with another team of a different country, through mails messages, letters, the teams have to correspond and prepare their project. The project is not a normal run of the mill kind of thing; the students have to actually work on the project. For e.g., the students can get a cultural program organized in their school, showcasing their cultural diversity. Further they can hold discussions for preventing the erosion of cultural diversity, distribute pamphlets. It is designed such that it is a lively project with real life results and not just sheaf’s of papers to present.

With so much to do the time seems short, as during this time the teams have to become well versed with each other and complete the project too, while simultaneously absorbing the others culture.

The project is a learning experience, teamwork, leadership, working on diverse ideas keeping everyone together with their morals up even if their ideas are not implemented. For a person who has participated can say it is one of its kind. Each of us feel at some point in our lives that we should in some way give back to the country, the earth, what it has given to us, but don’t know how to do it, especially in the case of students, this is the opportunity.

Whatever compulsions you may have, you have to find time to do things so whether it is the boards or anything else if you want to participate just go ahead you will find time by yourself, when you participate. So go and grab the opportunity while it is still there, sampling it will only give you the real taste......good luck the Mondialogo ship has just docked.....

 Shobhana Sridhar

n 23rd April '05, 60 students bought Anchor Stitch Kit to be stitched and finished during summer holidays for the Anchor Embroidery Contest.

           1st Neha Mamgain (VI E)
           2nd Vinisha Pal (VI D)
           3rd Konika Shrma (VI B)

           1st Vrishti Jain (VIII B)
           2nd Bhavana Saluja (VII B)
           3rd Uditi (VIII D)
           Consolation Prize - Bhumika Kheerbhat (VIII F)   
On 28th April '05 Slogan Writing and Poster Making Competition was held by B.Ed. Students of Lady Irwin College.

On 29th April '05 Joint Assembly was held in school for 'Earth Day'. Later on students of Class VIII went for 'Prabhat Pheri' to convey messages of care of the environment.

6th Aug '05, Debate arranged by NIE
Class VI - Rain a Boon or a Bane.               
Class VII - Environment Pollution --A Government Problem
Class VIII- Omen Are Safe In Delhi?

Prize Winners-
                      1st Preeti Salin (VI C)
                      2nd Harshita Singh (VI F)
                      3rd Rutvi Kakar (VI A)

                      1st Jasjot Kaur (VII E)
                      2nd Rachna Bhalla (VII C)
                      3rd Neha Joshi (VII A)

                      1st Pratibha Arya (VIII F)
                      2nd Pragati Sharma (VIII B)
                      3rd Akanshita Dey (VIII B)

11th Aug '05 Sunfeast-'Hara Banao Campaign, talk on the ‘Recycling of Old Materials’ like paper, cloth, string etc.

11th Aug'05 Johnson and Johnson talk organised by Dr. Divya Paliwal of Lok Nayak Hospital Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department.

16th Aug '05 Independence Day celebration flag hoisting by Principal followed by March Past and cultural event by the school students.

26th Aug '05 Sunfeast had Second Round Activity of 'Hara Banao Campaign' in which students made bags out of waste.

On 26th Aug '05 a two-hour Disaster Management Programme was organised by:

  1. Mr. Hari Kumar - National Co-ordinator, Indian Earthquake Safety, Geological Hazards International
  2. Miss Elia Jafar - District Project Officer, Disaster Management Programme.
  3. Mr. Sajjan Kumar - Asst. Fire Officer NDM.

5th Sep '05 Teachers Day Celebration by Middle School Children.

8th Sep '05 Magic Show was organised by NIE.
18th Nov '05 Rs. 65 thousand collected by students was handed over to Ms. Ruby, Ambassador Helpage India.

17th Dec'05 Procter and Gamble hosted parent-student-teacher talk on the Growth of Child. Around 250 students participated.

23rd Nov '05 Miss Sheerie and Mr. Robert gave lecture on Importance of Almonds in Our Life.

23rd Nov '05 12 Students of Class VIII had gone to Shriram Centre to witness a musical adaptation of a Russian story by Yuri Olesha - 'Teen Mote' staged by Ramjas School, Pusa Road.

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