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Dear and respected teachers and old students of Lady Irwin School!

The Executive Committee of the Lady Irwin School Alumni Association (LISAA) regrets to announce that the annual contributory lunch in the Senior Secondary School compound, earlier notified to be held on Sunday, December 18, will NOT be held. The inconvenience is regretted.

The LISAA had sought permission on November 3, 2022 from the school authorities to organise the event. The Governing Body desired to have a meeting with the Executive Committee members of LISAA because they felt that there was lack of coordination between the School and LISAA. Executive Committee members (Dr. Mridula Singh, President; Meenakshi Verma, Secretary; and Anita Bembey, Treasurer) met the Governing Body members ( Dr. (Mr) Bhalla, Dr. (Mrs) Bhalla, Dr Bharati Sarkar & Mr Utpal Ghosh, and Vice Principal Ms Jyoti) today, December 12, in the school. We discussed various matters for about half an hour. The main point of difference that arose was the contention of members of the Governing Body that because the LISAA is named after the school, the Association must operate under the Governing Body and whatever funds are collected must be handed over to the Governing Body of the School. Efforts to explain that the LISAA is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act and operates as per the provisions of the Act were not successful. The Executive Committee members felt that any demand that the LISAA should operate as per the directives of the Governing Body is untenable.

For the information of all members, the Executive Committee of LISAA would like to put on record that every paisa collected since inception of the Association has been spent as per the aims and objectives of our Association. All the money has been spent on the school and on education of the girl child. The LISAA has donated infrastructure items like furniture, photocopier, electrical fittings, repair of toilets, repair of the gymnasium and so on. The audited accounts have been placed before the members every year at the annual lunch.

In view of the stand taken by the Governing Body, the Executive Committee of LISAA shall decide its future course of action and put its proposals before the General Body of the Association.

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